Monday, August 18, 2014

Full set feet & foot jewelry w/ nail polish

Turquoise & Amethyst peace sign jewelry.
Redpoly feet included w/HUD for polish and skin.
10 custom polish colors. Easy to use skin tinting.
Available in store now

Slink high feet Pearl flowers foot jewelry

Pearl Flowers foot jewelry for Slink high feet. Feet not included.
Color change beads with 32 choices. Made on small feet, resizer included in color change menu.
Available in store now

Slink flat feet beaded peace sing jewlery

Turquoise & Amethyst beaded foot jewelry for Slink flat feet, feet not included. Made on small feet, resizer added.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Welcome to Glint



Home of the Persephone charm bracelet. You choose the charms!

Casual jewelry and piercings. Men's women's and children's jewelry of all kinds. Custom jewelry and engraving available.  I am in the beginnings of Slink jewelry line. Customer service is top priority. Come see for yourself. Shop and enjoy!
Contact me in world or on  Facebook. Check out my flickr and MP.